Finding support and information from national organisations

Many national organisations support best practice in working with carers and their families. 

Some of the best and most useful resources and information include:

  • Carers UK’s directory of national organisations
  • The Princess Royal Trust for Carers’ Professionals website
  • The Children’s Society’s Include Project

Carers UK’s directory of national organisations

This national directory maintained by Carers UK covers information in these areas:

  • advice and support
  • aids and equipment
  • carers’ organisations
  • children’s organisations
  • disability and condition specific organisations
  • financial help
  • holiday / breaks
  • housing
  • older people 

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers’ Professionals Website 

This helpful online resource is designed for anyone working professionally with carers to have access to valuable information available to help provide the best quality of support to the carers you work with.

Audiences addressed include professionals working with young carers, as well as specific issues that health and social care professionals might encounter when supporting adult carers.

The Children’s Society’s Include Project

The Include Project works with voluntary and statutory services to support children and young people who care for parents or siblings who suffer from chronic illness or disability. 

The programme campaigns for change and promotes best practice with central and local government. It works in partnership with social workers, teachers and health care professionals to deliver solutions that consider the needs of the whole family.

Numerous national organisations focus on black and minority ethnic (BME) communities when supporting best practice in working with carers and their families. 

Some of the best and most useful resources and information include:

  • The Afiya Trust
  • The National Black Carers and Carers Workers Network
  • Backchat
  • Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk
  • Able Radio

The Afiya Trust

According to The Afiya Trust:

The Afiya Trust is a national charity that works to reduce inequalities in health and social care provision for people from racialised communities.

‘We support and maintain national and local networks concerned with the promotion of BME health and social care issues such as the National BME Mental Health Network, the National Black Carers and Carers Workers Network as well as projects on long term conditions such as stroke, diabetes and cancer.

‘As a second tier organisation with a national remit, and strong links to BME grassroots organisations, the involvement of service users and carers is central to Afiya's work as well as engaging voluntary and statutory organisations in the development and delivery of work programmes covering a broad range of health and social care issues.’

The National Black Carers and Carers Workers Network (NBCCWN)

The NBCCWN is an organisation that is committed to supporting BME carers. 

As it explains, it maintains a network of ‘BME carers and carers workers to facilitate the voice of BME carers. This voice is implemented to improve services, policies and practice both locally and nationally to meet the evolving needs of BME carers. . . .

‘The network works closely with Carers UK, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, the Department of Health and the regional and London network representative organisations in both the voluntary and statutory sectors. The network holds rotating regional meetings as well as specific meetings for BME carers.’


Backchat is an online social media resource for BME carers. It includes content from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook and a blog.

Launched and maintained by The Afiya Trust, Backchat is a dynamic online home for sharing ideas, debates and progress.

Health talk online and Youth health talk

Healthtalkonline and Youthhealthtalk are resources of stories from more than 2000 people addressing more than 60 health-related conditions and illnesses. 

On the sites, you can watch videos or listen to audio interviews. You can also read about people's experiences and find reliable information about specific conditions, treatment choices and support.

The Carers Hub

The Carers Hub is for anyone looking to commission and develop personalised services for carers. By showcasing a variety of original and innovative practice examples, this site aims to inspire ideas about creative and inventive ways to deliver services in your area.

This resource was developed by Crossroads Care and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Able Radio

A well established social enterprise, Able Radio provides all disabled people in the UK a voice. Content broadcast from the radio station is by disabled presenters and those living with limiting medical conditions. 

They are looking to extend their reach as well as provide free information and access to services. They are keen to develop partnerships to break down the barriers and to sign post and promote individual charities and groups.

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